New Year, New Plans

No. For me, it’s “New Year, New Planner” and I get so excited because of this. I am an avid planner. I tried several different brands and formats and still found myself whipping out a loose leaf notebook to jot down random things here and there, which meant there wasn’t even a point in having the planner if it didn’t do what I needed it to do. If I could have back all of the money I’ve spent on planners over the years that have been tossed aside after a week or two, I’d probably have enough to nearly pay off a new car. It occurred to me less than a year ago that I was in need of a daily planner.

I purchased the Collegiate Daybook because the name sounded so nice and I’m a college student who needed a book to plan her days. This had to be the perfect fit. It finally came in and I was so excited. While the concept was good, I could tell right away that it wasn’t for me. The cover was far too flimsy, the layout of each page had the sections boldly blocked off so that if I wrote into another section it looked incredibly messy, the binding kept allowing pages to come free. I had to buy an appropriately sized laptop sleeve to put it in because it was getting so beat up in my daily routine.

So late at night before falling asleep, when I knew my Collegiate Daybook would never know, I began looking for other planners. It was around 11:30PM on a Wednesday night when I discovered the Day Designer. It was PERFECT. A hardcover daily planner with reinforced corners, a closed spiral binding, fluid layout, monthly and daily views, AND a pocket inside of the stylish front cover. The only problem I could find was how pricey it was considering I was working part time at minimum wage. Roughly $70 was entirely worth it and the brand has gained a loyal enthusiast.

This past year I had the privilege of carrying the traditional black and white thick striped version which I chose to monogram with gold vinyl. I’m on my second Day Designer and this year I chose to get the limited edition Belle and Blush Day Designer with a beautiful pink/white striped cover complimented with a gold binding and gold corners. Below you’ll see my previous choice (black and white) next to my new baby (pink and white)


Now thanks to Mychal I have a precious gold iPad mini 4 with a pink Smart Cover to match my new planner!

That being said, I’ve given up the idea of resolutions in the new year. Instead I call them goals and for some reason I find myself meeting them much more easily. I plan on finding an adaptive way of getting in better shape, something I’ve never had an issue with until recently since I have the joints of an arthritic 80-year-old. Also, to graduate from college and to get college behind me. I’m not currently sure how to feel about this. I know I’ll cry. I know I’ll be in mourning for a while. So I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I want to travel at least one time each year. This past year held several getaways for Mychal and I. Baton Rouge for one weekend, Dallas for the next, then Atlanta, Georgia in November. This year we’re planning for Michigan near Winter if all goes well.

A new year for new adventures, right?


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