Hairdressers Make the Best Friends

****Hairdresser Appreciation Post****
Since my sophomore year of high school I have gone to Brother’s Hair Design on Kings Highway to my hairstylist, Caitlin Wilson. I’m now a senior in college. That’s about seven years.
Seven years that she has spent 3-4 hours per visit highlighting my platinum blonde hair, foil by foil, and she even set a record in the salon for the highest number of foils ever used on a head of hair in the salon. She’s been the best friend and the worst influence I could ever have ;P and we’re able to relate on some of the craziest things.
Then one day I came to her, my blonde hair grown nearly down to my waist in length, and I told her I wanted to turn it into a long bob…
She freaked out a little and cautioned me and urged me to think carefully and logically about the choice. But she did it and I’m convinced no one could have done it better.
Then I called her the next day and said I wanted it a little shorter. And she went with it.
Then I texted her one afternoon and told her I wanted to go a different direction with my hair.
Like, a completely different color.
I told her I wanted to dye my hair gray.
I have never seen a reaction like hers. She was at work and she told me she’d talk it over with the other stylists and see what they could come up with. I scheduled my appointment once she confirmed it could be done and she told me I should come in for a consultation JUST TO BE SURE. I went in that morning and we looked at hair samples and examples and compared and discussed, and through all of that I noticed that everyone in the salon was greeting me, but no one looked me in the eye.
Not a single person.
They were speaking at me, but they were all focused on my hair. They were plotting and contemplating and thinking and rethinking.
I took no offense. I was actually in awe. I was witnessing all of these professionals wracking their brains to come together and agree that a certain route should be taken.
It was SO MUCH FUN being the guinea pig for a stylist who has never been asked to color hair gray. It wasn’t as simple as throwing a single color on my hair and letting it sit. I was asking for a style that had depth and two totally different tones in different areas of the hair so that when it fell a certain way it would look a certain way.
And boy did she rock the opportunity. I was SO IMPRESSED by her skills! She did an amazing job and I learned so much from the whole experience.
I’m writing this as a thank you to my hairdresser and friend, Caitlin. I know that you’d curl up and dye for me without a second thought and I’d do just the same for you. Thank you for helping me express myself and boost my confidence through an outlet that only very few know how to maneuver. You’re the bomb!

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