Patience does not often reside within those who need it most. Typically, patience lies within those who have very little going on, perhaps very little to get excited about. I don’t have the luxury of fucking knowing what it feels like to have patience because to me patience feels like laziness and inactivity. “Just be … More Equinox

Be Mine, Valentine

A little over two weeks ago, Mychal and I had booked a couples photoshoot so we could have some updated pictures with this new weather we were experiencing, my hair nine inches shorter, his hair several inches longer, all of the changes we’d gone through. So we traveled an hour out to Lake Bistineau to … More Be Mine, Valentine

Beauty Routine

I’ve never been one to obsess over my make up routine or setting a foundation. I always grabbed something random, hoped it matched my skin tone and did the simplest thing that seemed to work. Then I grew up and actually started learning about skin care and matching tones and what looked good compared to … More Beauty Routine

Lessons of Adventure

I know many people and have many connections. However, few know anything about my personal/private/home life. They know nothing of how my life is once I leave campus, work, or Shreveport/Bossier in general. At the end of each day I migrate south to Stonewall, Louisiana where I live with my parents, both in their 60’s, … More Lessons of Adventure

Brunch, frankly.

So life got kinda crazy and I’ve learned some things. I don’t really like doing brunch but I will if I have to. To me, brunch feels like speed dating. Especially in my demographic because we are typically college students with job shifts that begin a half hour to an hour after our classes end. … More Brunch, frankly.

Miserable At Best

Throughout our childhood and younger years most of us are taught about how we can protect ourselves from harm. Don’t touch the flame, you’ll be burned. Don’t run with that knife or those scissors. They’re very sharp and you could be cut. This goes on our whole lives from anyone who has raised us or … More Miserable At Best