Old Habits Die Hard

It’s 1:00 AM and here I sit with a steaming bowl of shrimp-flavored ramen, thoughts racing through my head about Wednesday. Wednesday morning at 9. The first day of my senior year of college.

Upon saying that, so many thoughts flood my mind. I want to cry, I’m sad, I don’t want to leave, I want to study all night and stress and fail exams for the rest of my life, I want to get a full time job, I want to earn enough money to buy my own car, I need to support myself, I wanna party every weekend, give me ALL the daiquiris, how am I supposed to have sudden heart to hearts with random friends that I run into on campus? I could go on all night! I’m scared because now this chapter is closing…

With a little luck (and a lot of vodka) I’ll graduate in December 2016. I get so excited thinking about it. I’ve done this before with high school but it wasn’t that big of a deal. You didn’t have to work for that piece of paper… But I chose to dedicate a lot of money, time, heart, sweat, blood, and tears into the quest to really earn this degree. I chose it. I pursued it. I need it, because everyone knows a Bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma. Here I am a senior in college and I still think it’s insane that so many people are asked to choose what they want to do for the rest of their life at the age of 17-19. Biochemistry? Education? Digital Arts? Marketing? IT? Finance? Are you picking what you love or what you can succeed with? At that age you definitely don’t initially think about choosing a major that will supply a sufficient income for the rest of your career/life. You just want to party, make A’s without studying, and have more fun than you can handle.

I changed majors 4 times before I finally settled and I’ve had to put the pedal to the metal to make up for the classes I essentially wasted through changing majors time after time after time. I enter college in August 2012 majoring in Communications – Broadcast Journalism. I got very bored very quickly. One of my intro courses was Psych 150 and my professor got into my head and I loved his method of teaching. He loved the subject and he loved teaching it to others, which made it incredibly easy to learn. I took notes religiously and passed the course easily and was convinced that Psychology was for me.

So I changed my major to Psychology. When I got into more psych courses with other professors, professors who didn’t enjoy their work, I saw the massive difference and I realized how easily swayed I had been. I learned a lot about myself with that realization. Once I actually began to study the information, I knew that I could get a degree in psychology, but that I had no interest in teaching it and that I wouldn’t be able to find a job easily in my area, the region where I want to build my life.

I moved to something that had always interested me: biochemistry. My first semester as a biochem major was also my last. I wasn’t and still am not convinced that I was put on this earth to slave four years of my life away studying day and night to still only partially grasp a concept and make C’s forever and not get into medical school. I didn’t have that in me. So I went to the subject that I’ve always thought I was mediocre with: Business.

I switched to a double major in marketing and management and this was where I would devote my time. It has been a perfect fit. It allows me to be myself and make connections with new people every day and I can’t imagine having settled down anywhere else academically. Jobs are a little tricky to come by, or so I thought, but I’m realizing more and more that my degree will qualify me for more than just marketing positions. I have a rough semester ahead of me now (look for more on that in my next post) but if all goes well, it’ll leave my last two semesters (Summer and Fall) fairly light in terms of workload.

Note: Ramen at 1AM is never a good idea. But I suppose old habits die hard.


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