I’m Caiti. I’m a daughter. A friend. A student. Someone’s other half. A reader. An optimist. A jewelry lover. An animal enthusiast.

The list goes on. I’m in college double majoring in marketing and management. Education was all that I knew until college. I live in Northwest Louisiana and once I graduated high school and started college to obtain my Bachelor’s degree, my world changed. Everything about it. My views, the company I kept, my body, my attitude and personality. I was a different person and I had never felt so comfortable in my own skin. In my sophomore year of college I found my matching puzzle piece and my heart could not be any happier. I find 90% of my happiness in living my life with him by my side. The other 10% comes from photography, my pets, technology, shopping, planning, and trying to outstep Mychal in FitBit challenges.

I look forward to sharing parts of my life with you.

Whoever you are.


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