Well, fuck…

I am angry, irritated, frustrated, and…just downright mad. I’m 21 years old, a senior in college graduating in December with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management. I have strong social media management experience. I have ample experience in that field as well as public relations, CRM, and marketing experience. I’ve worked several different jobs … More Well, fuck…



I have traveled a long road and come from a land far, far away to get where I am now in terms of makeup. I used to wear one color of eyeshadow all over my lid. I thought that eyeliner was only supposed to go on the lower lid. I didn’t know anything about blending … More ColourPop!

Sticks and Stones

This past Wednesday, March 30th, I decided to change my hair color from platinum blonde to silver/grey. So today I went to Walmart for the first time since having my hair colored grey. I’m not surprised to say that it turned into a bit of a social experiment, but what did surprise me were the … More Sticks and Stones