Have you ever been a part of something that just makes you tired? Something that sucks the life and the genuine joy and what pure hope that you have left, right out of you? That’s a shitty place to be. Stuck in a tireless cycle being put through hell for someone that only hurts you, … More Exhaustion


We all loved Avril Lavigne at some point, a long time ago, even for a split second, even if you loved to hate her and how her high pitched voice was SO high pitched that it sounded brilliant and flawless. But doesn’t she have a point? Doesn’t everything just seem so fucking complicated sometimes? You … More Complicated

Old Habits Die Hard

It’s 1:00 AM and here I sit with a steaming bowl of shrimp-flavored ramen, thoughts racing through my head about Wednesday. Wednesday morning at 9. The first day of my senior year of college. Upon saying that, so many thoughts flood my mind. I want to cry, I’m sad, I don’t want to leave, I … More Old Habits Die Hard