I have traveled a long road and come from a land far, far away to get where I am now in terms of makeup. I used to wear one color of eyeshadow all over my lid. I thought that eyeliner was only supposed to go on the lower lid. I didn’t know anything about blending or having winged eyeliner. I especially had no clue how much practice it was going to take to be able to do winged eyeliner.

But I have arrived and along the way I found myself changing and observing and noticing things that appealed to me more than the things I currently wore and the ways I chose to style myself.

I wanted to totally change my style. So first I had 9 inches cut off of my hair.


Then I started learning techniques for eyeshadow looks and application methods. I found a color scheme of shades that I preferred (which happened to be plums/browns/nudes) and looked into new brush sets and I absolutely loved it though makeup and brushes can be so pricey!

And then someone I knew told me about Colourpop! I had never heard of it and asked what it was and she said, “JUST GO TO THE WEBSITE!”

SO I DID. And I scoped out lipsticks that appealed to me and put off purchasing until my next paycheck. But then I bought 7 Ultra Matte lip colors.

Several of them are much darker than the others and they all have quite sultry, darker tones. I found that a lot of the makeup choices I made ultimately washed me out and looked bad with my pale skin and platinum blonde hair.

Processed with MOLDIV

 So I had my hair colored grey! #grannyhair  

AND LORD IF THINGS DIDN’T JUST FALL INTO PLACE. I’m so much happier with things now! I have a blast doing my makeup in the mornings. All of my clothes look different and, frankly, better. There are so many options! So glad I made the change.


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