A day or so ago I clocked out at work, got in my vehicle, and called my mother. I knew she’d want me to drop by the store on the way home to pick up a few extra groceries. So I made the short drive to the store, circled the parking lot, and found a decent spot to rest my vehicle.

I have a habit of sitting in my vehicle for a while before going into a store whether it’s to finish a phone call, people watch, or check social media. So, as I was sitting in my new Chevy Equinox, listening to Acquainted by The Weeknd and just watching people pass by my vehicle or load their groceries up, I couldn’t have missed it when this black Chevy Camaro whipped into the empty parking spot across from me.

I’ve always been able to appreciate the aesthetics of the Chevy Camaro, but the person inside interested me more this time.

A 20-something blonde girl/woman was on the phone, connected through her vehicle, and was lost in the conversation. She had parked her car and was sitting there finishing up a phone call and people watching. I tried to be discreet but I couldn’t help but continue to watch her.

She reached back with both of her hands and grabbed the back of her headrest, stretching her arms and then relaxing. I’ve done that same thing every time I park when I’m tired or I’ve had a long day. Or even if I’m just sweaty from being really busy all day and I want to cool off. I had done that moments before she pulled up.

I watched her laugh at whoever she was talking with and then end the call. She unplugged her phone from her car charger, killed her car, and dropped everything in her purse. Then she leaned forward to look in her rearview mirror and adjust her smudged eyeliner, and then made a face to show all of her teeth, checking to make sure she didn’t have anything that would embarrass her.

I felt like I was looking into a mirror. It was almost eerie. She got out of her car then and I was even a little more shocked. She wore black leggings and a cute dressy top. I spend 85% of my life in black leggings and a cute dressy top.

The only differences were our height and weight. I’m 5’11” and she was probably 5’7″ and weighed a little more than I do which makes sense considering the height difference. I wondered what her name was, what her career field of choice was, did she have a husband? Children? Does she like wine? I don’t. Does she prefer TV series or movies? I found myself wondering how many other similarities This woman and I had. Or how many people I’m this similar to in the world.

In this great, big, wide world, how many others are there like me?


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