Be Mine, Valentine

A little over two weeks ago, Mychal and I had booked a couples photoshoot so we could have some updated pictures with this new weather we were experiencing, my hair nine inches shorter, his hair several inches longer, all of the changes we’d gone through.

So we traveled an hour out to Lake Bistineau to meet our photographer in the Lake Bistineau State Park and participate in a 20-30 minute photo shoot. The park was absolutely beautiful and it wasn’t too warm or too cool. It was pretty ideal and perfect for pictures. Our photographer was quite skilled and made things very pleasant, relaxed, and enjoyable.

We had a blast laughing and trying not to look too goofy on camera, but it still managed to show 😛 – I’ll post a few of the images at the end of this post ❤

I had planned on maybe trying to use some of our pictures for a Valentine’s Day surprise gift for Mychal but I was unable to obtain the images from our photographer in time, but that all worked out well anyway.


This was our second Valentine’s Day together and I felt zero pressure. I just looked forward to spending the day with Mychal. We didn’t have many set plans. We wanted food, maybe planned to see a movie, I wanted to check out the Victoria’s Secret store in the Bossier Mall as opposed to the Shreveport mall, and I had a stray errand to take care of.

So we met in town and went to Whataburger to enjoy that foodgasm that a honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich always promises. Upon entering Whataburger, I was given a flower that APPEARS to be real (feels, smells, everything), but has yet to wilt, turn brown, or reduce the amount of water in the vase. I don’t know… I’ve never claimed to have a green thumb.

After Whataburger, we went to the mall and shopped around in Victoria’s Secret, I managed to score some stuff I’d been eyeing, and then we headed to the Louisiana Boardwalk to see DeadPool.

Oh, DeadPool.

The entertainment level was high and a better DeadPool could not have been cast. It made the afternoon fly by and after the movie, we did a little more shopping in the Boardwalk before deciding to call it a night because we both had to be up early the next morning.

This was our Valentine’s Day. ❤

Here are a few of the photos as promised:


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