A Moment in Time

As I type this, I sit on my couch, laptop perched on my knee. Mychal is asleep, his head in my lap. And I know with all of my heart that I would never trade a single thing for this moment.

This is how I want my life to be. Full of these moments. Moments full of lazy nights at home together, watching decades-old sitcoms and laughing at the cheesy humor.

Our lives are full of significant moments and these moments all add up to make us who we are at the end of each day.

My most significant moment was around 11AM in late August – early September on campus at LSUS. This moment was the first time I ever crossed paths with Mychal.

Before that day, that moment, I had no knowledge of the existence of this person. I knew nothing about his hobbies or what made his heart ache.

Yet here he sleeps.

And it makes me cherish how life and love mesh together. You meet someone. A new person. Suddenly you’re intrigued by everything they say, the things they wear, why they think the things they do. After a while you start to see them become a part of your daily routine. Then they miss something once and you notice it. You miss it.

That’s a moment. You realize you’ve gotten so attached to them that you missed it and it affected your mood when they couldn’t call you on their lunch break because they had to run errands.

Flash forward to a year or so later. When you decide to take a mini-roadtrip to a nearby city to go ice-skating at Christmas (Marshall, Texas in our case). But, you can’t ice skate…or skate…or even walk a straight line without falling.

We rented our skates, laced them up, hobbled over to the ice, and that’s when I clung to him for help. I couldn’t move and I needed him if I ever wanted to get off of the ice.

That’s another moment. You realize that you wouldn’t be living this moment had it not been for this person. And you smile because you’re happy. Happy with the person, with the moment, with where you are together at that time.

Life will go on after that moment and all of the others and if you’re really lucky, really blessed, you’ll experience so many more moments like these with the one that you can’t live without. Whether they’re moments of happiness or moments of growth, they’ll impact you, change you, or simply make you smile.

Whichever one you encounter, I hope you’ll smile.


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