Your favorite shoes don’t fit anymore…

This was the first week of my last year in college and while I’m so excited to graduate, I found myself strolling around campus this morning with a weak, nostalgic smile on my face. So much has happened to me here.

This is my second home. I’ve spent day after day here from 8AM classes to getting out of 5PM labs and then getting dinner with a friend or hanging around on campus playing cards or sports or just talking and getting to know people.

I met the love of my life here. The person that I’ll most likely spend the rest of my life with, I wouldn’t have encountered had it not been for this institute. After meeting him, he introduced me to so much that I was missing on campus and after that, everything changed. I became a different person. I had put on a new pair of shoes and they fit perfectly. This was how my life was supposed to be.

In Louisiana it’s warm/hot/sweltering 9 months out of the year and always gets a little cooler when the sun goes down. Watching the brothers of my favorite fraternity play football, soccer, or ultimate frisbee in the late evening just before dusk is one of my favorite memories.

I remember when I enrolled at LSUS and began my first semester of classes, I always actually thought that I’d never graduate. Graduation was 3 1/2 years from me. That was an eternity. Well, an eternity wasn’t long enough and I’m really fucking sad about it.

Moving on..

I’m enrolled in 6 different classes for my first semester of my senior year. 18 credit hours. I have 4 management courses and 2 marketing courses. At the ripe old age of 21 I’ve become quite impatient with sitting in class listening to one of my professors tell me what I could read word-for-word in the book, so 3 of my six classes are completely online, one of the remaining 3 is 50% online and one of the last two is 33% online. I have Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship & New Venture Development, Labor Law, Leadership, IMC Strategy, and Marketing Management.

Thrilling, I know. But of all that, I only find myself in class from 9AM – 11AM on Monday-Wednesday so it isn’t too tragic. Once you pick a major and settle with it and pursue all of the classes, by the time you reach senior year, you’ve had class with every professor in that department at least once so none of these professors are new to me. It helps a lot to know what kind of teaching style a professor has beforehand so you aren’t blindsided with wild expectations.

The workload that accompanies these courses shouldn’t be too bad. Several hundred online quizzes, roughly 23-25 exams throughout the semester, and some online homework assignments here and there. It should be interesting to see how I’ll manage work, school, homework, studying, staying in shape, being social, helping out at home, paying off debt, dealing with issues that other people bring to the table, AND still manage to get at least 5 hours of sleep.

I say that every semester and I get so stressed at times, but I never dislike it and I never wish I could just drop out. I always enjoy the wild, off-the-wall challenges that are brought to the table in college and I have no doubt that I’ll miss it every single day once I graduate. Finding new ways to fill the void that’s suddenly there. It went so perfectly with everything. My personality, my daily plans, my part-time job… It was comfortable, efficient, made me feel like all was right with the world. And that’ll all be gone soon.

Isn’t that how it feels when your favorite shoes don’t fit anymore? You have to go try something new and move on to different things. Shoes that fit better. Shoes that are comfortable. Shoes that go with every part of this new chapter of your life. Maybe you’re going from sandals to Nikes, or from Nikes to heels.

Here’s to hoping your heels, or your Nikes, or your sandals look good with whatever you decide to wear.


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